The Contours Double Stroller Review

Contours double stroller is a product made for toddlers. Parents can now have a good time while taking a walk with their children. This model is best suited for parents with twins or even two kids. The contours can be folded which makes it very convenient irrespective of the storage area. Also, children can enjoy a fun ride with the help of its features. It comes with many special features that make it unique and a quality product for the little angels.


The special features of the contours double stroller.

1. The parent cup holder.

This section is expandable to accommodate all drinks irrespective of the size. Do not be worried about having to carry an extra bag for the drinks because the contours stroller has space for them.

2. Toddler-friendly seat design.

The seats are tall with roomy foot rests. Children love comfortability and beautiful things. The model will make your child enjoy every minute of the carriage.

3. UPR rated 50+ expendable canopies.

The canopies provide maximum coverage from the scorching sun. Children should not be exposed to direct sun rays, this is why the double contours stroller is the perfect choice for you.

4. Reclining seat and adjustable footrests.

Avoid slouching by reclining the seats to gain additional length. The footrests are adjustable. The child will be able to enjoy adjustable footrests, expandable canopy visors and plush headrests.This feature ensures the comfortability of your child at all times.

5. Large storage bag with a zipper side access.

The storage space is plenty in the contours double stroller. Besides, you will be able to gain access from any of the sides.

6. Child mesh pockets.

This feature provides an additional storage for any item that you might need during the journey or walk

7. Standing fold.

The contours options elite can be easily folded and automatically locks with all the seats attached.

8. The rubber coated rear wheels.

This feature helps in ensuring a smooth ride by absorbing bumps including the cracks in the sidewalks during the ride. It is by the help of Shock Absorbing Rubber Coated EVA Rear wheels. Apart from this, they also enhance the movement of the contour stroller.

9. A lightweight travel system.

The options elite includes a universal car seat adapter fitting twenty car seats.A second car seat adapter may be bought in the case of twins. The universal adapter fits infant car seats such as the baby trend inertia, combi shuttle 33, Chicco keyfit and keyfit30 just to mention but a few.

The pros of the contours double stroller.

-It is very comfortable for both the baby and the parent.

-The car adapter can fit into 20 car models.

-It is foldable hence easy to store.

-It is very versatile.

The contours double stroller is the best tool for both the parent and child during a ride. It is very comfortable, user-friendly and has a large storage unit. Besides it has special features such as the car adapter to enhance transport, adjustable footrests for comfortability of the child and the rubber wheels to enhance the transportation and also acts as a child protector from bumps. Ease you baby ride with the contours double stroller and watch your baby smile all the way!

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