Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Umbrella Stroller

The Jeep Wrangler¬†Twin Sport All-Weather Umbrella stroller keeps children cool in the summer & helps in keeping them warm in cool weather. It is the perfect solution to the challenges for parents with two children as it doesn’t let it get hot and sticky while they’re sitting and prevents the restlessness, irritation and tantrums.

Roll Up-Down Mechanism 
The cool-climate roll-up feature of the Twin All-Weather Umbrella Stroller reveals a mesh surface that provides proper air circulation thats prevents the children from feeling hot and sticky in the summer days. The roll-down seat can also be used to protect the kids from the harsh winter wind.
Compact and Light Nature
The stroller weighs only 22.5 pounds and is as lightweight as one double stroller can be. It’s amazingly easy to carry and transport it from one place to another. The stroller folds easily and is quite a snug fit to trunks of any standard-sized car.
Secure And Comfortable
The stroller features padded seats with an efficient reclining mechanism that enables you to bend the seats according to your requirement. Each seat contains 3-point harnesses that ensures the safety of the children and can easily be opened when needed with a quick-release buckle. The front wheels are designed to provide ease of travel on uneven terrains.
Features And Specifications
* Child weighing a maximum of 35 lbs can be accommodated by a seat
* Comes with seat pad that protects the kid from cool winds
* Seat is capable of rolling up which forms a head rest
* Mesh backing increases the airflow in hot weather
* Features a cup holder that is removable
* Both seats can recline 26 degrees individually
* 2 cargo bags in order to store stuff
* The wheels are suitable for all terrains
* Quick umbrella fold
* Extra wide frame
* 3-point harness features a quick-release buckle
* Stroller weighs 32.30 lbs
* The stroller is JPMA certified

Customer Reviews and Scores
The stroller has an average score of 4.1 out of 5 stars and a significantly higher number of thumb-up reviews compared to the thumbs-down.

A feature loved by the users are the light nature which enables them to travel easily and take their kids to the parks, market and various other places quite conveniently without creating troubles like bulkiness. The easy open and collapse feature of the stroller has been appreciated as it only requires pushing a lock to collapse and just a push down to open. The compact size has of the Umbrella Stroller makes going through standard doorways or passageways very easy as well as to weave in and out of grocery or airport lines is quite hassle free.

Though it holds no major cons but it doesn’t come with an underneath storage. Also, most users find the canopies pretty useless as they are too narrow so there’s a need to shift them constantly as you walk in and out of the sun.


The stroller has been made to lighten the load of parents as they bring their kids along. It is recommended to be used for kids who are 6 months and up and is mainly ideal for parents who are always on the go and traveling. The absence of big storage containers holds a logical approach as it increases the ease of traveling. It makes running quick errands or getting through areas with limited spaces completely hassle free. Its very economical price definitely makes it a product worth buying.

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