Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller

Selecting a stroller can be a very tricky task especially when you need one with double seats for twins. This is because you need to find one that is easy to push around when you are alone and one that does not have problems with bolts and screws every time. This kind of stroller is difficult to find since most of them have this issues. However, Contours options LT Tandem stroller might be the right choice. It weighs only about 33.8 pounds which makes it very light and therefore easy to push. It also has two seats in the case of twins. The seats are made in such a way that one is in front of the other with separate shading for both children. To prevent suffocation, the back seat is elevated.


This stroller has incredible features that a user gets to enjoy. Some of the features that make the LT Tandem stroller very popular are listed below.

It is able to hold a maximum of two children approximately 80 lbs in weight. The stroller can be adjusted for height through the safety harness and also has a safety component on that is meant to protect your infants head.

All the components of the stroller are separate for each child. These include; the canopies to protect from rain or sun, child napper bar that is removable for easy access and the leg rests that are also adjustable.

The stroller comes with six different sitting options. One is where the children face you as you push. This is very important since it gives you a chance to keep watch of the children while doing shopping. There is also the option that you can have the children facing opposite sides in case they are fighting with each other. In case you have only one infant, you can use one of the seats for your belongings. This is also a sitting option. There is also the option of having the children facing in front. This makes them enjoy the view. Finally, you can use the back seat to attach an infant’s car seat.

The stroller has a lever that makes it easy to fold and a ¡®convenient Free-Stand¡¯ that makes it stay in an upright position while folded. This minimizes the space it occupies.

The tires are very reliable since they are made In such a way that the back and front tires have a rim of 10 inch and 8 inch respectively. They are also less likely to deflate which makes them reliable ewhen pushing on rough terrain.

Maneuverability is made possible by the suspension system. This makes it very easy to go about despite having children and belongings on the stroller.

A cup holder is available to place coffee or other drinks while pushing the stroller. There is also a storage basket that is made to carry some things the children might need when you are out.

You get a one year warranty that guarantees reliability and quality.

These features can all attest to the kind of stroller this is. Some of the features that have received some of high ratings are he adjustable seats, steering and storage. Some disadvantages of this stoller might be the fact that it is heavy to lift when folded. Some users have had issues with the fact that their stroller did not have a cup holder and supper tray for their children. However many of them support the fact that the pros outweigh the cons.

There are advantages and disadvantages that come with using any kind of stroller. For instance, mothers with heavier children prefer one that is easy to move while those with lighter children prefer those with safer seat straps for safety. For this reason, you should decide on what stroller best suits you by getting to know all there is about any kind of stroller.

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