Contours Optima Aluminum Tandem Stroller

The light frame makes the tandem stroller feel just as easy to-use as a single. It is only 36.6 lbs in weight meaning trips out of the house/room will be much easier on you and also comfortable for your-babies. The Contours Optima tandem-stroller features some reversible seats which can be positioned in 6 different ways. It comes with two parent cup holders & a storage area, two child cup-holders, extra large storage-basket, & an infant car-seat attachment is also included.



-The Contours-Optima has a light weight aluminum frame.

-The 2 front swivel-wheels makes it much easier to steer this stroller.

-There’s an extra-large storage-basket that’s underneath the seats where you can store your gear.

-Four cup holders are also included, two for the parents & one for each baby.

-It has independently operated canopies which help in protecting your baby from bad weather elements.

-It has an easy to fold design.

-Each seat can safely accommodate weights up to 40 lbs and feature a head rest as well as a 5 point harness that is adjustable.

-Stadium seating-provides a much better view for both of your babies.

-Seats easily detach & reattach for easy storage and travel.

-The seats may be re-arranged into six different combinations: both kids can face in front, both kids can be turned to face parents, the kids can face one another, the kids can sit back-to-back, or you may use stroller with only the front-seat or use it with an infant-car seat.

-Each seat can also be independently reclined.

-1 infant car seat-attachment is included´╝î& may be used-with many popular car seats.

Safety Features & Major Benefits

-A five point harness system which safely secures each of your kids.

-Amply padded head rests & sleeves which provide great comfort to your babies.

-Good sized canopies which protect your kids from bad weather. Each of the canopies has a peek-a-boo window thus you can always check on your babies.


About the Brand

Contours is basically a brand that’s manufactured by Kolcraft. Kolcraft company has been-around for decades. Besides Contours, Kolcraft company also partners with several other well-known brands. They don’t only make baby strollers but Kolcraft also makes many other baby-related products.


For a mid priced stroller, Contours Optima-Aluminum Tandem stroller is very versatile & has much more going for it. There are various seating-con figurations which you can use: 2 kids can face each-other, sit back-to-back, face forward, face backwards, and more. You cannot do this using side-by-side double strollers. The kids cupholders and the parent cup-holders are quite convenient and they’re something you will rarely find on most other strollers. Cupholders may not appear like a big-deal but try going out without them & you’ll soon realize just how important they are. One of the major drawbacks with many tandem-strollers is that they’re usually hard-to-push & steer. That doesn’t seem to-be the case-with Contours Optima Tandem. The major advantage of having a tandem stroller, is it’s narrow width. At 25.3″ wide it’ll easily fit through almost any door.

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