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admin / September 16, 2018

Like any other Britax baby stroller, the BRITAX B-AGILE DOUBLE STROLLER features a lightweight and quick-fold design. The added advantage is that it now comes with a capacity for two children. It is characterized by the trademark Britax features like adjustable handles, click-and-go system, Britax infant seats and the ability to fit through most standard doors. Other features include under-seat baskets and back-seat pockets for supplies and baby feeds, automatic chassis lock and seat receivers. The seats have a 5 point harness for safety as well as adjustable head pads. The reclining stroller seats are designed to allow kids up to 50 lbs. This stroller is one of the best in the market. The reclining seats allow your kids to access all views of their surrounding and the many storage options make it a suitable option for shopping. It also has rare swivel wheel brakes for easier packing and adjustable leg rests. The brakes are activated by foot

The double stroller from B-Agile has the same quick fold design and maneuverability that made its predecessor, the single stroller a favorite among users. However, one basic factor that distinguishes between the two is that the double stroller can accommodate two children. The stroller proves to be a perfect all purpose stroller due to its adjustable handle, light frame and size that fits all standard doors.

Other notable features include automatic chassis lock, zippered pockets at the back of seats and under seat basket access through the front leg rest. It also has a 5 point harness system which can be adjusted without any threads or straps. The seat can be infinitely reclined to allow its usage right from the birth of the child. Each seat has a weight classification of 50 pounds. You can easily remain in sight of your children through the mesh ventilation canopies. The all wheel suspension provides your children a smooth ride and you can lock both rear wheels with a single step.


Let us have a detailed look at how do the features mentioned above translate into making this product a preferred option among parents:

Travelling convenience

Frequent travelers opt for this product because of its ability to be attached to infant cars with its easy a□ click and go* feature. The receivers can be left at the same place when the stroller is folded for storage.

Longer use possible

Due to the infinite folding angle of the seat, the stroller is useful right from the birth till the time the kid becomes a toddler or even beyond. Children do not feel suffocated and parents can have a good view of them due to the mesh window.

Comfortable sitting

The soft and gentle seats allow the child to move around freely and comfortably. The headpad and handle bar have both been very ergonomically designed to allow the child move his or her head freely and let the parents push the stroller gently.

Less bulky and compact

This is a dream stroller for parents due to its compact design. A lot of strollers are heavy weighted due to the features that they incorporate. This stroller incorporates all such features without making it bulky. It can conveniently be stored in a small place as well.

Other benefits

Simple design makes the stroller easy to handle.

Automated chassis lock makes locking the stroller convenient.

Enough number of pockets allow parents to store necessary items.

Customer Reviews:

A number of customers of this stroller have praised its light weight and ease of use. Another reason that brings a smile on the faces of customers is easy handling of the stroller. They reveal that the operation is very simple and does not require any instruction manual.


Some customers have given negative feedback about the product. They feel that the car seat arrangement does not deliver what it promises. The handle may fall down while folding the stroller and the snacks tray is located far from the child making it difficult for the child to reach it. Some of them feel that the space in the stroller is not enough for their children.

It is no brainer that the positives of Britax B-Agile Double Stroller far outnumber the negatives. Therefore it shall not be an overstateme

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