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Are you looking for the best double stroller out in the market today? Most parents find that double strollers can offer heaps of help for managing their infant – twin or no twin. One basket contains the baby while the other one contains all the baby paraphernalia infants usually need when going outside.
Regardless of whether you’re buying for twins or not however, I’ve found out that choosing the finest double stroller makes no difference. As a parent, your most basic considerations would be the child’s safety and comfort in that order.
Which Double Stroller Should You Purchase?
Double strollers may not be necessary during the first few months of the twins’ life – but you’ll find that pretty soon, they’ll get lots of use. Double strollers are invaluable when navigating through public settings with the twins, allowing you as well as the babies to enjoy the surroundings.
Many moms use strollers up until the child reaches more than a year old – and for a very good reason. Toddlers can be hyperactive and with twins, it can be exhausting trying to keep up with them. A good stroller will help you retain control of the situation while still giving the twins their time to absorb and socialize.
Considering the importance of double strollers, it only makes sense that you take some time before making a purchase.

A Few Things to Consider When Choosing a Double Stroller

The fact is that there’s no specific “best” stroller out in the market today. Your choice would depend largely on what you need. The good news is that with so many choices available, it shouldn’t be hard to find a specific product that works for your needs. That being said, following are some considerations that you should definitely take into account before buying:

  • What type of double stroller do you want? There’s a side-by-side type which is typically wider and therefore harder to maneuver in tight places. Another option is the tandem stroller with one twin facing you while the other faces forward. The linear positioning allows for easy maneuvering but the back twin gets limited visual access to surroundings.
  • How are you going to use the stroller? Strollers meant for long leisurely walks should have wide and strong wheels that can handle abuse. If you see yourself using the strollers for quick shopping trips however, something that can be folded and loaded in the car is best.
  • What features do you need? A tray at the bottom is a necessity, allowing you to put all baby items including extra diapers, towels, and toys. There should also be a tray for food and a slot where you can keep milk and water bottles.
  • How easy is it to store? You’d want something that can be folded with just one-hand for a quick and efficient storage.
  • Is it safe? There should be a 4-point harness to ensure that the child remains tucked in during the ride. A 3-point harness would also work but steer clear of 2-point harnesses since they don’t offer much in the way of protection.
  • Does it have sufficient coverage? More importantly, can the coverage be easily removed when needed? You don’t want the child exposed to harsh sunlight or rain so the coverage must be made of thick, impenetrable fabric.
  • Do you have an older child? There are strollers today that come with a “skateboard” at the front. If you have twins and a child nearing 7, getting the unique “skateboard” model can work wonders in controlling them all at once!
  • How much are you willing to pay for the double strollers? Remember: the best double stroller isn’t always the most expensive. Some models are available for $150 while others are significantly more expensive. Browse around to find the one you need.

Of course, those are just few of the considerations when looking for the best double stroller in the market! Check out some of the most popular models today and make your choice!

Some of these strollers include the following:

Baby Trend Eclipse Sit ’n Stand (double)
The baby trend eclipse stroller has now been improved to accommodate two kids like other modern strollers. It comes with an easy to set up and maneuver design featuring two infant baby seats that are sold separately. The car seats are secured with 5 point harnesses to ensure ultimate safety and comfort. Other features include two complete canopies sized to provide sufficient shelter for the babies and child trays for holding food or other supplies. The strollers also have two cup holders. The rear seatback and canopy is removable which makes it ideal for older children who can sit and stand while the front seat is fixed for young infants. This stroller is therefore suitable for a growing family and the seats have an unassisted weight capacity of 40 lbs each.Click here for full review

Graco Duglider Classic Connect
This is another incredible baby stroller that allows families to enjoy outings together with their infant babies. The stroller has two seats and canopies. The canopies can be adjusted to provide the best shelter for your baby depending on their height and requirement. The front seat has an unassisted weight capacity of 50 lbs while the rare seat can carry babies up to 40 lbs. Both seats have their own trays, cup holder and a safety harnesses (3 or 5 point). There is also a storage compartment on the front seat for supplies. Other features include lockable swivel wheels for safety purposes and one-hand-fold model for easier folding. The locks are only for front wheels and feature a suspension. This stroller is simply perfect for families with children below three years and exhibits optimum durability.Click here for full review

Contours LT Tandem
Although Tandem LT strollers have been known for their heavy weights, this new contour stroller is nothing like previous models and features a lightweight design of only 33.8 lbs. Another amazing enhancement is that it can be effortlessly folded with both seats. This stroller features reversible seats that allow your babies to face each other and giggle or rotate around to explore their surrounding. The design has a car seat adapter that allows different seat brand models including Combi, Cosco, Graco, Evenflo and Safety First among others. Other features include adjustable leg rests, canopies, styled stadium-view seats and a rotating nap bard. Each seat can safely accommodate weights up to 40 lbs and feature a head rest as well as a 5 point harness that is adjustable. The reclining nature of the seats in this stroller makes it enjoyable for your kids. The wheels are also designed to maneuver different terrains.Click here for full review

All-Weather Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport
This is yet another magnificent stroller for babies. It is JPMA certified and has a number of features to ensure your twins are safely and comfortably carried. The stroller features two seats that have a rollup for cool climate. The rollup is characterized by a mesh surface that enables sufficient air circulation and also acts as a head rest for your kids. The seats can be reclined to allow comfortable rests and feature 3 point harnesses for safe strapping. Each harness has a quick release buckle that allows easy strapping and release. The seats have individual canopies, handle bars and cup holders. There is also a cargo bag for baby supplies. This stroller has swift swivel wheels and it can be easily folded for transportation. The seats are designed to hold children not more than 35 lbs.Click here for full review

Britax B-Agile (double)
Like any other Britax baby stroller, the B-Agile double model features a lightweight and quick-fold design. The added advantage is that it now comes with a capacity for two children. It is characterized by the trademark Britax features like adjustable handles, click-and-go system, Britax infant seats and the ability to fit through most standard doors. Other features include under-seat baskets and back-seat pockets for supplies and baby feeds, automatic chassis lock and seat receivers. The seats have a 5 point harness for safety as well as adjustable head pads. The reclining stroller seats are designed to allow kids up to 50 lbs. This stroller is one of the best in the market. The reclining seats allow your kids to access all views of their surrounding and the many storage options make it a suitable option for shopping. It also has rare swivel wheel brakes for easier packing and adjustable leg rests. The brakes are activated by foot.Click here for full review

Contours Optima Tandem
This is yet another Tandem stroller that exhibits a lightweight design uncharacteristic of other models under the brand name. The stroller only weighs 36.5 pounds. It has various comfort and safety features including durable aluminum frames, two seats and swivel wheels adaptable to any landscape. The seats can be reversed into six different positions to allow your kids explore their environments. Each seat has an adjustable canopy for shelter, a parent cup holder and adjustable leg rests. There are also different storage compartments for carrying baby essentials. The seats have a carrying weight capacity of 40 lbs and feature 5 point harnesses that securely hold your children in safe comfortable positions. The contour optima stroller is also easy to fold and transport.Click here for full review

Britax B-Ready
The Britax B-Ready Stroller written by: PeachTree3 The Britax B-Ready Stroller is a great stroller for kids. This stroller comes with a number of world class features including a five point harness, head pad, canopy with sun visor and ventilation window,a reversible top seat that comes with four reclining positions, all side accessible large under seat storage basket, an integrated drink holder, and comfort ride four point suspension.Click here for full review

Sit and stand baby strollers are very important must-haves for any family with kids. These rides relieve parents of the exhaustion of carrying over 30 lbs to shopping malls and parks. The swivel wheels, harnesses, seats and canopies are all designed to ensure infants are comfortable and safe. These modern strollers also contain ample storage areas that allow carriage of supplies like diapers, clothing, body essentials and food. They can also be adjusted to fit children of different ages and not necessarily twins. It is however important to buy strollers from a reputable distributor in order to get original genuine and warranted products.

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